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Fish Oil Benefits for Pregnant Women


Did you know that fish oil has great benefits for pregnant women? A survey of 98 pregnant women stated, those pregnant women who consume fish oil every day since 20 weeks of gestational age, most of their children have the ability coordination between eyes and hands higher, and language skills than those whose mothers did not consume fish oil during pregnancy. It is based on the content of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils, which are potent ingredients to enhance central neurosurgeons system.

The right time to start taking fish oil for pregnant mothers is at the final trimester of pregnancy. Since at that time, the fetal brain is experiencing growth. And continued until several months after your baby is born. Other studies also suggest that consuming Cod liver oil during pregnancy can increase a baby’s body weight at birth, and reduce the risk of diabetes in infants.

For that, recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers to consume fish oil each day. But make sure your fish oil consumption is not a fish oil derived from fish that have mercury content in it, such as swordfish fish species.