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Why Choose Hair Drug Testing?

People are often required to have some type of drug testing done for various reasons. Prospective employers often request that applicants under a hair follicle drug test to find suitable candidates who do not take any type of drugs. The numerous physical and psychological problems associated with taking drugs can cause problems with a person’s ability to perform job-related tasks.

Because drugs can be very dangerous to athletes and give them an unfair advantage over their competitors, many sports organizations or coaches require athletes to undergo drug testing. Some parents even decide to have their children undergo hair drug testing if they suspect possible drug abuse.

Out of all the available methods, a hair follicle drug test is one of the easiest types of drug testing. All an individual needs to submit is one simple hair sample, which can be easily obtained. The process involves obtaining a hair sample, which is then placed in a sealed envelope and mailed to a laboratory for examination.

Many people prefer to use hair drug testing because it can be used to determine if an individual has used drugs within the past 90 days. That means that if an individual has used drugs 3 months ago, the test will still show a positive result. This is quite different from other types of drug tests such as saliva and urine tests, which only detect drug use for as little as a few days. Because a minute amount of drug chemicals are trapped within every hair strand, the timeframe for testing becomes much longer.

Hair drug testing is also one of the most accurate and fastest of any type of drug test. Compared to other available types of drug tests, the accuracy of a hair follicle drug test can be ten times higher. That is why so many coaches, companies and individuals choose this method – they want very accurate results.

The confidentiality of hair testing is yet another reason why it is often the preferred drug testing method. Individuals do not have to submit embarrassing urine or saliva in order to be tested. Individuals only have to submit a few hair strands in order to be tested accurately for drug use.