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Unemployment and Weight

Every employer is hunkered down waiting for the recession to end. Only when all we consumers get back out into the malls and start spending again will the wheels of manufacturing and commerce start turning again. Until then, it’s the survival of the healthiest and fittest – my apologies for mentioning Darwin, but it seems appropriate when applied the the species of employer. So with self-esteem on the floor and depression lurking in the corner of your mind wondering whether it should come out and join the party, it’s all too easy to slip into really bad habits. You become one of the dreaded couch potatoes, suddenly fascinated by the offerings of daytime TV. With nothing else to occupy yourself, you snack and hit the soda bottles. The results show in the first month. With a job and all the exercise of getting out of the house and running round to earn a living, you were reasonably thin. Now you are unoccupied, you find your waist growing and everything else starting to sag. It occurs to you that this may not help you find another job when the market improves. There’s a lot of discrimination out there and, with a choice between thinner and fatter candidates for a job, employers tend to pick the thinner ones because they are less likely to have health problems.

So let’s turn this around. Now you are unemployed, you have the time to do something about those extra pounds. When you were working full time, the work was always a convenient excuse. There were just not enough hours in the day. You were tired when you got home. You needed the weekend for quality time with the family. We have all played this game. Well, no more! This is your chance to begin a daily routine of exercise. If you have a gym membership, start working out. Talk to the trainers and get them to devise a good set of programs to help you lose some of that weight. If the cost of gym membership is too much, do not let this be another excuse. Outside your home there is an endless supply of exercise equipment. It’s called the sidewalk. Dress appropriately and start walking. Find slopes and then hills. Never mind the strange and pitying looks you get from drivers. Walking is one of the best all-round forms of exercise.

This should go hand-in-hand with a calorie-controlled diet. You defeat the purpose if you exercise, feel hungry and then eat more. Put smaller portions of healthy food on your plate. Cut out snacks and stop drinking soda altogether. Remember why you are doing this. It’s your chance to finally lose some weight and get really healthy. It will lift your mood and, more importantly, help you find another job. If hunger is a problem, use phentermine. This is the best appetite suppressant on the market. With those hunger pangs banished, it’s easy to keep the motivation going. The pounds will steadily disappear and a new, more confident you will emerge. Buy phentermine online and get your weight loss program underway. Unemployment is too good a chance to miss.