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Acne and Your Diet

Chocolate, fatty foods, artificial sweeteners and starch-based foods are all kinds of foods that cause the appearance of acne. Although still a lot of controversy, mostly the diet is believed to have a small part in increasing the number of acne patients compared to the previous time.

Hormonal changes, including changes that occur at the beginning of puberty is very influential. Hormone testosterone glands expand and influence the way the appearance of acne because too much oil production and accumulation in the body from bacteria. This reaction is exacerbated by stress and the menstrual cycle.

So what nutritious foods associated with acne? And is there a solution?

There is no proof that chocolate is the cause of acne. Research held by the U.S. University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Naval Academy told that the digestive process in consuming large amounts of chocolate has no effect on the appearance of acne. A recent study showed that the compound in chocolate associated with acne Rosacea or type in adults. But the accuracy of the case in the emergence of pimples because the chocolate cannot be ascertained.

Fatty foods
There is no research that proves that fatty foods associated with the cause of acne. But if you find foods that can aggravate your acne problem, a good idea if you remove it from the list of foods in your diet.

Fast food
A recent study conducted by the U.S. Colorado State University, indicating that carbohydrates derived from packaged foods and processed foods that are high level such as bread, pizza, cake and pastries cause various reactions in the body which will increase the production of acne. This is because there are bacteria in these foods.

The study found that these foods cause the body to produce insulin with a high level, which foods are responsible for male hormones in acne problems. However, these results need verification

Fruits and vegetables
Balanced diet is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This diet is recommended to acne sufferers, an outline or individual. This is very important to warn the sending process of antioxidants in the body naturally when the fight bacteria associated with acne.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a nutrient that plays an important role in the treatment of acne. This vitamin actually reduces sebum production, fat content found in the body that led to popping pimples.

However, consuming too much vitamin A can be toxic in the body. To avoid excessive absorption of vitamin A, acne sufferers are required to enter the food sources rich in vitamin E. These nutrients help regulate levels of vitamin A in the body of a person.

Food sources containing vitamin A consists of products derived from milk, green, yellow and orange vegetables. In addition, yellow and orange Fruits are important. These foods should be combined with foods rich in vitamin E such as food derived from animal protein, seafood, seeds and nuts in everyday life.

What to do
Changes in diet method is not the solution for acne. But consuming various kinds of food with sufficient amounts is a good idea. And with the right combination of therapies can be a powerful weapon to destroy acne.