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Why Choose Green Tea

If you want to kick your coffee habit to improve your health, a cup of high-qual­ity green tea can be a great alternative as a warm, soothing morning beverage. Most types of tea have some health benefits. However, black tea not only contains more caffeine than green tea — it’s also high in fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic substance (more toxic than lead) and can have a profoundly negative effect on your health. It has been linked to weakened bones, osteoporosis, and even cancer.

Consuming high levels of fluoride can result in a condition called skeletal fluorosis. Symptoms may include bone pain, calcified ligaments, bone spurs, fused vertebrae, and difficulty moving your joints. Since Americans are exposed to fluoride in water, certain toothpastes, coated cookware, some wines and brands of sparkling mineral water, and several other sources, it’s important to avoid more of this poison in your tea.

Lesser brands of green tea can also contain fluoride and other dangerous substances like lead and aluminum, so you must do your research before settling on a particular brand of tea. I’ll discuss how to select a high-quality tea a little later. Researchers have also discovered green tea has the potential to enhance the function of your brain.

Given the healthful properties of green tea, I’m comfortable this is a drink you can con­sume in moderation – especially as an alternative to coffee. Keep in mind, though, pure water is what your body was designed to drink. You don’t want to get too far away from this basic health principle. Stick to clean spring water and filtered water.

Next to pure water, I believe a high-quality green tea is a nutritious choice. A cup of green tea supplies about 20-35 mcg of EGCG. Much of the research done on the health benefits of green tea has been measured at three cups per day, so that’s a good num­ber to keep in mind.

If you enjoy green tea — especially if you’re looking for a healthy substitute for your cof­fee habit – add a few cups to your day. Make sure not to counter the benefits derived from your tea by adding sugar, milk, or other “embellishments.” Drink your green tea straight.

Many green teas have been oxidized, which takes away much of the health benefits de­rived from drinking them. If your green tea is brown, it has likely been oxidized. What you want is green tea that’s actually green in color. Ideally, you want green tea which contains the entire ground tea leaf. Matcha tea is what I prefer. It is of such high quality it can contain over 100 times the EGCG found in regular brewed green tea!

Matcha tea is a vibrant bright green color. It is of much higher quality than most other green teas, and you can be assured you’re not consuming fluoride or other toxic sub­stances found in lesser quality teas. Unlike other teas which you steep and strain, matcha tea is a powder made from ground green tea leaves. You add the powder right into the water. You are consuming the whole leaf, which makes matcha tea one of the healthiest green teas available.