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Nine Daily Healthy Snack Choices

Eat four to five smaller meals each day can prevent food craze and the body remains healthy. But, choose the type of balanced diet and a number of bodies as necessary. Try to limit it to 100-200 calorie snack servings.

To help you find the right snacks, the following 9 types of healthy snacks according to the American Dietetic Association. This snack will not only satisfy the taste of your tongue but also increase the intake of nutrients.

One bagel that has been enriched with various nutrients containing 2 milligrams of iron (equivalent to 11% of the daily recommendation). In addition, these bagels are rich in B vitamins such as niacin, riboflamin, and thiamin. But, it’s good to avoid topping cream cheese rich in fat. If you must use the toppings, better to use cottage cheese or part-skim ricotta. Nutrients in it to make a bagel more fill than a croissant. And if not coupled with toppings such as cream cheese, butter or jelly, only about 200 calories.

Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B6. A medium-size banana contains 400 milligrams of potassium (11% of daily intake), 0.7 milligrams of vitamin B6 (35% of the recommended daily intake), 4 grams fiber and 110 calories. Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates that the body needs for energy. In addition, bananas are also easy to digest.

Bran Muffin
Muffin is delicious and easy way to add fiber intake. 1.5-ounce muffin contains 3 grams of fiber. It also contains 1.8 milligrams of iron, about 10% of the recommended daily dose.

By taking 1 / 2 cup of raw broccoli has been cut, you’ve got half the recommended daily dose of vitamin C (41 milligrams). This nutrient-rich vegetable offers a number of folate and vitamins. In addition, broccoli also contains an equivalent amount of calcium with the calcium of milk. Therefore, broccoli very suitable for you who suffer from osteoporosis or calcium deficiencies.

The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. One cup of cantaloupe contains 68 milligrams of vitamin C, or more than 100% daily value.

You can meet the needs of vitamins for the day by eating one medium carrot. A carrot contains 17,158 international units (IU) of vitamin A. This amount is almost equivalent to 3 1 / 2 times the daily value.

String cheese
Types of cheese low-fat mozzarella contains 250 milligrams of calcium per 1 1 / 2 drinks. This amount is equivalent to 25% of the daily-recommended value.

3 ounces canned tuna contains 2 microgram vitamin B12, approximately 32% of the daily recommended value.

Yogurt is another source of calcium. One cup of yogurt contains 415 milligrams of calcium, equivalent to 42% daily recommendation. But, be sure to select the type of non-fat or low-fat.