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Five Simple Ways to Counteract The Virus Disease

Flu symptoms such as cough, sniffle, headache and fever could happen to anyone else because it is very easy to catch. Often people who are in one room can be alternately exposed to the disease. That is because viruses and bacteria transfer occurs very easily, quickly, and usually through the medium of air. Be careful, this condition is also passed on the H1N1 flu.

In order not easily exposed to contagious diseases or viruses and bacteria there are several things you need to make a habit.

Wash hands with soap
It sounds very simple, but many people do not do it. In fact, the hand is a nest of various viruses and bacteria. Before and after eating, after the bathroom always wash your hands thoroughly using soap. Do not let the viruses and bacteria breed in your hand. For hand washing, is not necessary to use antibacterial soap, regular soap is fine too.

Use tissues, not handkerchiefs
Always carry a tissue either dry or wet wherever you go. Tissue is better than handkerchief, because, if you use a handkerchief, you will use it for many things, either hold my nose and mouth when sneezing or wiping the sweat. After that, you will keep it in your pocket or purse and make bacteria and viruses spread even more. For that, always have tissues in your purse or pocket.

Take a rest when sick
If you are experiencing flu symptoms, you should be resting at home. Do not go to the office or anywhere else that makes your body tired. How to cope with the most appropriate flu is not a drug but with a break. If you force yourself to leave home or work, so that the body was not fit will easily exposed to viruses and other bacteria and make it worse.

Clean the house regularly
Regular cleaning will reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria. Do not let dust accumulate in the house especially in the bedroom. When, you have finished using the kitchen and bathroom, clean up immediately. Many bacteria and viruses derived from these two places, so keep it always clean.

Avoid sharing an item with others
Do not use devices that have been used to eat other people and not washed with soap, even if it means you have a friend or spouse. Such as spoons, forks, and glasses. This will increase the risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria. Avoid borrowing each other earphones, you should have a personal earphones or headphones.