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Roselle, Effective Lower Cholesterol and Prevents Aging

There is one family of medicinal plants, which have many health benefits, namely Roselle. A beautiful name isn’t it? Roselle has red color, very suitable for planting in our yard. Petals that sour characterize this flower. Do you want to know about benefits of this flower? Please read the following articles.

roselle flower

Ingredients and Benefits:
Rosella Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, A, D, B1 and B2, Antioxidants, Anthocyanins iron, magnesium, and omega 3, beta-carotene.

Benefits for Health:
Rosella tea helps lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, overcome cough, sore throat and sores, weight loss, bowel launch, and prevent bone loss, enhancing stamina, endurance and body care.

Benefits for Beauty:
Maintain smooth skin and reduce wrinkles. Because of its vitamin C content is high, Roselle better than red wine in warding off free radicals in the skin. Roselle many conditions encountered in dried, and packaged, there is also Roselle had packed in teabag form for ease in serving customers.

Contraindication or Side Effects:
Have not found any side effects in consuming Roselle, but is not recommended for patients with low blood pressure. This is because one of its functions which can lower blood pressure.
In her low blood pressure (hypotension), sufficient consumption Rosella syrup 1 / 2 cup a day. If people in good health with no complaints of disease, may take three times a day.
Must Remember, as well as any product when consumed in excessive amounts, the result was not good.

Use of Rosella flowers:
Flowers and dried seeds can be used for drinks that are good for health:
1. Hot Tea
Brewed 3-4 petals Roselle fruit with 1-cup boiling water, can be added sugar or honey to taste. It is a bit sour when no sugar / honey, but that is typical of Roselle flowers. To lower cholesterol, the drink is not recommended for boiling, but it is brewed in a boiling water glass. Next close the glass until the water turned red. Drinking after Roselle flowers removed from the glass.

2. Syrup and Jam
Boil 1 ounce of dried Roselle flowers with 2 liters of water over low heat. Boiled down to half for 30 minutes, and then mixed with enough sugar.
Syrup does not use preservatives. Moreover, the sugar itself serves as a natural preservative drinks. Syrup endurance can reach 4 months with a better storage. Try to keep the syrup in a glass bottle or glass because plastic bottles are not good for health.

It would be better if before closing, boiling bottles back to the bacteria die so sterile packaging. If to reduce cholesterol and suppress blood sugar levels, Roselle syrup should not be consumed with sugar.
The same material is also needed if you want to process Roselle flowers into jams, but the amount of water is reduced and the time required boiling a little longer.

3. Coffee
Roselle flower seeds toasted dried. Finely crushed and then store in jars.
Consume the same way as when we make coffee. These drinks can help you sleep more soundly.

Hopefully useful!!