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Make Exercise Can be a Healthy Brain

Still young but is senile?Maybe we have often heard such ridicule. However, this was not an insult, though still young, we were indeed able to dementia as well. One of them is because rarely do sports.

Some research had done in Japan and United States have proved the statement. One study conducted a research on jogging. The volunteers are not used to jogging at the beginning of the research were asked to answer the questions and the results average 65% correct. Half of them then required jogging routine three times a week and after 6 weeks and then given the questions again.

Volunteers who turned out jogging regularly 80% could answer correctly.
How long should you exercise, in order to activate the brain function?
The team of researchers from the University of Rudgers, New Brunswick, a result that the 30-minute walk as its impact on brain function with a longer walk.

So let us exercise the brain to be healthy.