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Five Bad Habits You Need to Avoid!

Many of us have bad habits regarding eating activity, but this happens usually without us knowing it. These bad habits will certainly affect for our health. Therefore, those bad habits we have to eliminate. What are five of them?

1. No breakfast
Breakfast is needed to provide energy for the body and helps the brain to think. Therefore, the habit of not eating breakfast is not good for health. The best choice for a healthy breakfast is fruit.

2. Eat before going to bed
If you eat spicy foods, fatty foods, or some foods that contain caffeine for 1-3 hours before sleep, sleep quality will be much reduced. Fatigue can also be a result. Fatty foods make slow digestion and spicy foods can cause stomach ulcers. Therefore, try to give sufficient time period between your dinner to bedtime.

3. Snacking
If you eat carrots or fruit for a snack, it is no problem. However, most of people usually consume snacks that only contribute fat and calories in the body. For the solution, try to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day. This will help you burn calories all day, because the metabolic systems can be more work well due to the diet.

4. Let yourself starve
Let ourselves starve will disrupt the digestive system of the body. Do you know if this is done to reduce weight, what will happen even to the contrary? The first reaction of the body for those who hunger is increasing weight from body fat deposits. When the body was left hungry, waiting for the body when the food comes back. When the food finally arrived, store it directly into the body fat reserves, just in case the body of another famine. As a result, even a hoard fat. Therefore, eat small portions but frequently!

5. Eating too fast
Eating too fast makes the body cannot digest food properly, especially in the mouth area. Instead, learn to chew a little longer so that food can be absorbed very well later. Eating too fast can also create a risk of overeating and weight is increased. Eating slowly can help the brain to know that we are eating and thus could give a signal when we are full.

Have you ever done a bad habit among those five? From now on, reducing then stop it at all!