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Fish, Healthy Food for Brain

pink salmonPerhaps you have heard stories about good food for the brain, the fish which were able to reduce the risk of heart disease or even reduce the growth of breast cancer for the sufferer, and efficacious of these foods due to fatty fish are good for the body.

Perhaps you are not too familiar with this type of fat, fatty acids Omega-3, which was also efficacious for preventing depression.

A government researcher who has long studied the eating habits of fish from people all over the world concludes that consuming lots of fish will reduce the risk of depression. This sounds like a drifting away from previous research purposes, but the results of other studies also show evidence that depressed people tend to have levels of omega-3 fats are low in the blood.

The team is actually not entirely sure about this, but they refer to the constituent layers of fat in the brain that consists of omega-3.

Fatty fish a lot of the most beloved people, such as fish, Salmon & Tuna for example, have omega-3 levels high. Eating fish from those types are expected to improve the mood of people who consume them.